To See The Sunsets Phnom Bakheng, At Siem Reab Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Brasaeatophnombakheng is a temple that situated on a small natural mountain, in Siem Reab province, in Cambodia, built in the late 9th century and early 10 in Royal Yasovarman 1 (889-910) for Hinduism. Bakheng mountain is 65 meters height and has 109 temples represent 7-storey paradise of Indra in Hinduism.
Phnom Bakheng is a tourist which is very popular for national and international tourists to enjoy to see the beautiful sunsets in the evening. The Tourists always have the patience with a lot of tourists to wait and watch the sun set beyond the horizon on top of Bakheng (Bakheng hill. Before arrive on the temple the tourists must spend 20 to 30 minutes to go up the hill Bakheng on foot or riding elephants delivery service and if you sat on the elephant craft dangling around you might imagine that you are a king or a queen that fly on the sky. When up to the mountain, and then we’ll have a feeling that seems to have arrived in paradise so.
Brasatbakheng as a part of the other wonder temple , which attracts a lot of national and international tourists to visit there and it’s the greatness among the many wonders at Siem Reap, the former capital of the majestic Angkor empire which earn money a lot for Cambodia .
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