The world Amazing and Historical Romanian Bookshop

Romanian bookshop chain Carturesti launched its CarturestiCarusel building which has a long historical story. The project costs EUR 400,000 and this building is situated on the on the famous Lipscani street in Bucharest’s Old Town, the place which is also called the Carousel of Lights as nickname now houses a 1,000-sqm bookshop with 10,000 books, and a bisto – tea house on the last floor.CarturestiCarusel used to be the Chrissoveloni bank funded by Nicolas Chrissoveloni who bought it as an auction. The bank was closed in 194 and then a men’s clothing shop was opened. During the communist period, a store called Familia /The Family was housed in the building. Here are the photos of this amazing and historical Bookshop. More info