The Oldest Tree, A bout 9,500-Year-Old, In The World Was Found In Sweden

So your mom planted a tree in her fifth birthday, the current memory. “Tjikko already,” Husky’s Leif Kullman about 9,500-year-old educator named after Siberia. In Sweden, described by the arrival of GM agreeable situated in 2004 by the course of the current system and that carbon Kullman in this way .
Most importantly old Norway spruce (prevalent Christmas tree in Europe) is a root framework prepared to do. In this procedure, known as the “resurrection of wood” and nobody to begin becoming again from the root system (went on for around 600 years) it was lost from the tree. Tjikko warming advantages as well: it was utilized as a shrub as a part of the Arctic, warming and can develop to several glad tree climes.
More info: National Geographic (h/t: boredpanda, demilked)

Image credits: Karl Brodowsky

Image credits: Patrik Qvist

Image credits: IBL/Rex Features