The Beautiful old Temple In Cambodia, Prasat Pras Vihea

Cambodia has a lot of ancient temples in the most provinces. Prasat Pras Vihea is the scared shrine wich is located olong with the Dong Rek Mountain range in Pras Vihea provine which are border between Thailand and Cambodia.This old temple is fisrt built by the king Yasa Varaman in 9th century . All form of thi s old temple are the basic of khmer art include planning building drafts and scultures .
Under French colony , Prasat Pras Vihea was controlled by Siem (Thailand) but in 1962 , under the premiership of King Nor Odom Sihanouk demand from Thailand and finally the international court at Lathe had judged that Pras Vihea Temple belonged to Cambodia on 15th June, 1962 and became the World Heritage on July 8, 2008,
This event made all khmer people very happy and cheerfull to congratulate in accepting this temple which was becoming the khmer Heritage as before.
Nowday Pras Vihea Temple become an ancient temple tourist resort which get a lot of visitors in Cambodia and foreign visitors to visit there all days
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1582 - Prasat Preah Vihear - Cambodia