The Beautiful Clay House, Casa Terracota

Villa de Leyva is located in the colonial mountain town about 95 miles north of Bogota, Colombia,it’s a beautiful clay house, you can see that the home of the irregularities of Adobe’s color was built by American architect Mendoza Octavio. The whole building is no cement or steel or other material embedded in the strengthening by sun in mud guunneun. 5,400-square-foot house, ‘which is part of the largest of the world cleaner “was confirmed by hanging bed stroll suspension, Mendoza classified into the house floor, with two tables and chairs,a sleeping area were in. The materials were all fired in a kiln , made from local sources, such as a clay. Besides, this is a fully functional with kitchen cooking kettles pots, all formed from the same material. More info

Photo credit: Bert Vulpius/Panoramio

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Photo credit: Bert Vulpius/Panoramio

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