Russian Architects,Vasily Klyukin, Design Buildings A Luxury Cobra Skyscraper

A new higher design by Russian architect Vasily Klyukin from Moscow, that has the features not lose than other buildings with prominent appearance of the skyscraper has an uniform shape cobra’re getting more interest in the world.He made the design style of skyscraper look like a big cobra (Asian Cobra Tower) stands outstanding bangauotreang in the central of town. In the building has many things including homes, restaurants and nightclubs.The designer is expected that his building design would get more attracted investment from many companies in Asia and Middle East. This Cobra Buildings appear in gold and black, it can shine when the sun shone, studded with diamonds
Klyukin said that, in Japan snake means appreciation and in China, snakes and dragons also means the same admiration. He added that in the 21st century, the growth of nutrient buildings shows the substantial progress of the culture and economy.
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