Rape And Consent Described In 7 Illustrations By Alli Krekham

All you want to do sometime you don’t want to do . First you think you want to do, want to play, like to listen , like to see, but then it the same for along time or identical to be working before you will feel boring and hate it . so to show this problem Alli Krekham has made 7 illustrations about rape and consent. He drew drew some comics illustrating consent . All the comics show the important of the consent and the huge issues in the current discussion about rape. They also explain the consent issues of sexual environment and everyday situations. So that they are the everyday examples of how we give consent for other things.
More info: Tumblr | Twitter (h/t: upworthy, boredpanda,demilked)

“1. You are staying until it’s done”
1. You are staying until it’s done

“2. You said I could have it once”
2. You said I could have it once

“3. You said you liked it”
3. You said you liked it

“4. You said you wanted it”
4. You said you wanted it

“5. You are my wife and it’s your duty”
5. You are my wife and it’s your duty

“6. You owe me” width=”
6. You owe me

“7. You are asking for it”
7. You are asking for it)