One Beautiful Girl, Kylie Jenner As Anti-Bullying Advocate Makes Sense

Kylie Jenner didn’t simply rouse up at got an idea to have lip injections.
Her years within the spotlight, and much of it before she could even had a task within the decision-making process and this had led her to the consideration of all her daily actions and beauty. You will a lot of negative comments criticizing the young girl if you just have a look at one of the Instagram photo. And this is probably the reason that encourages this youngest girl in the Kardashian-Jenner empire to carry out an anti-bullying campaign which is entitled “I Am More Than” on Instagram. This campaign is aiming to tell and share the stories of six amazing people who become heroes and in thier respective way by bullying and transforming it into positive thing. This is what Jenner spoke with those six people.
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