Miley Cyrus and her Plagiarized Dress VMA


Miley Cyrus is one of the world singers who is famous for her beautiful voice and ahrming beauty, VMA host keep still thriving even as the collateral broke surrounding Miley Cyrus’s gig. As her friendship with NiCKI Minaj also went sour, one of the famous designers called her out but not because of what she said but it was VMA she was wearing during her performance on stage. The song that she sang to close her show was her new album entitled “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz,” in a glittery and eye-catching (literally) ensemble that screamed Cyrus’ happy joyful people. VMA design is very popular among the top stars. Anyways, it looked very similar to Di$count Univer$e, and their followers let them know. The desingers wrote in their Instagram that There is no rejection the similarities of the designs, specifically when it comes to the use of oversized glittery eyes and mouths with exposed teeth. And we believe that Cyrus knew a about that the brand, since DU has a picture of the host with Instagram star Baddie Winkle, who wore the designs at the VMAs that night.
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