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Tibetan Plateau, China
1 Tibetan Plateau, China

Maramures, Romania
2 Maramures, Romania

Baltic Sea, Finland
3 Baltic Sea, Finland

Shiraz, Iran
4 Shiraz, Iran

Omo Valley, Ethiopia
5 Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Yangon, Myanmar
6 Yangon, Myanmar

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
7 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amazon Rainforest
8 Amazon Rainforest

Colca Valley, Peru
9 Colca Valley, Peru

El Paico, Chile
10 El Paico, Chile

11 Ethiopia

Nasir al-Mulk, Iran
12 Nasir al-Mulk, Iran

Little India, Singapore
13 Little India, Singapore

Riga, Latvia
15 Riga, Latvia

New York, USA
16 New York, USA

Havana, Cuba
17 Havana, Cuba

Chang Mai, Thailand
18 Chang Mai, Thailand

Oxford, UK
19 Oxford, UK

Tibetan Plateau, China
20 Tibetan Plateau, China