Easy Way To Logout Messenger on iPhone| How to logout Messenger Account

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Most people in the world have used facebook accounts and used facebook to post or sent their photos, sms, or videos to other friends . Before facebook has one application but now facebook has two apps, and to perform, instant messaging, SMS, wallpaper and video you want to send over the past few years by messenger. So Facebook must be installed to friends Messenger smartphone
When you login facebook on your smartphone and click on messenger app, messenger login with that facebook account but when you logout your facebook account but messenger not logout with . So many people know clearly how to login on messenger but don’t know how to logout of messenger. And some want to login and opening a new Messenger. Here’s a simple way, you can remove Messenger is not already installed on your new account:
1. The need to open an account with Facebook, such as the first open access Messenger
2. Find “More” on facebook and click Setting =>Account Setting =>Security=>Active Sessions and find “Device Type”: Facebook Messenger on iOS
3. After that, click the cross (x) mark
4. Finally, you can log in again.
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