Coca-Cola’s Honest Logo Shows Which Organs Are Harmed When You Drink It

If we talk about CocaCola, The people all around the world have known it clearly about this drink. This drink is so famous in the world. We all like to drink with its refreshing and nice tasty. Fabio Pantoja, designer from Nicaragua, is one of who addict to Coca Cola too. But if you drink it so much, it can damage your health too with so much soda. So with new design of Coca Cola’s logo, Pantoja designed Coca Cola’s logo with dark twist that can show the meaning of our bodies was damaged after having so much soda. The letters replace the different organs and parts of our bodies. This new logo can remind the poeple to know all complications that cause by drinking so much Coca Cola.
“More than a critic to CocaCola, it’s a critic to myself, to see if I can finally stop drinking this poison once and for all!” writes the designer on his Behance page. There, you can check the research and makeover of Pantoja to create his “Uncover the truth,” along with his many other pieces.
More info: Behance (h/t: designtaxi, boredpanda)