Amazing Zoo Offers Adrenaline Junkies Snake Massage from Four Giant Pythons

Many poeple loves a good massage with many way as they have and want to do, but at the Cebu City Zoo snake massage is very different from other all. It all participants crawled brave Burmese python giant creatures and hardcore action about 20 minutes.
As the zoo manager Giovanni Romarate massage for free and it’s as part of a new theme to encourage more visitors to interact with animals in the Cebu City Zoo. Barney said: ‘We are changing an interactive zoo. “We both have a long time and so many experience of this, including massage snakes was newly introduced to the visitors. So It can be the opportunity to raise here so famous up.
Walter, ej, Daniel and Michel are name of four snake that cometo make massages but to avoid the pain of hunger last minuteare fed about 10 chickens. Indeed for each snakes, and can avoid of a snack Reptile its customers. Participants are given a set of safety instructions. According to Ian Maclean Tourism.
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Source: Caters News