A Dino Bike, Was Made by Willie Hatfield from Eugene

You never see actual dinosaurs . You only see picture of dinosaurs , you will think that they’re very big, awe-inspiring , dangerous animals and if you see a actual dinosaur in front of you, you’re will scared of it and run fast away out. But today you will how the humans ride a dinosaur easily. In fact, it’s not a actual dinosaur, only a dino bike. you can also ride it easily and not scared of it. This dino bike was named Sue-cycle . It was made by Willie Hatfield from Eugene. He made it as a form of dinosaur. It is an amazing rideable dinosaur . it was a wonderful masterpiece. After you see you you will make note that the bike is a little hard to ride, but is perfect for parades.More about A Dino Bike visit at portland.craigslist.org and demilked.com