5 habits that you should not do immediately after eating

Eating is important for all people and after eating people feel full. What should we do or not do after eating is one important part for our good health that we ought to know. Many people always want to rest and feel sleepy, drink or do other many things after eating, but some habits not good for health and these methods can’t facilitate digestion. So we should know how to do or not to do after eating.


Here are the 5 habits that you should not do immediately after eating
1). Should not sleep
Generally, when you just eat and the go to break immediately, it will make you digest food and you feel satisfied yet
2). That should not smoke
Smoke is not good for health even if after eating, by the way when you smoke 1 cigarette after just eating it is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes. And it’s true.
3). Should not shower bath
Bathing can delay the digestion of blood around the belly will flee to other places while you shower to help for a good metabolism.
4). Fruit should not eat
We should not eat fruit immediately after eating, if you want waiting after 2 hours.
5). Should not drink tea
In tea has the acid that affects metabolism that can make protein to protein acid hardening and it is hard to digest. So You should avoid getting 1 hour before or after meals.
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