5 Easy Way To Use Computers For Good Health

Many people work with computers more for their works or their jobs but it can have some problems that can effect to the users as health eye and sleep and then they feel boring with their works. We have some ways to reduce these problems that you can find out more on any effective approach and easy to perform for you.

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Here is some insight you should to know for everyday tasks of using computer :
1. yoy should leave space between the computer and the eye of about 60 cm or more, in order to avoid harm to the eyes.
2. you should stand or walk up and down once every hour to prevent low back pain.
3. Computer screen should approximate height of your eyebrows to reduce symptoms hang
4. PC’s should light for about 60 to 80 percent. You have to use lights by placing it at the top of the head.
5. If you work at night, open the regular lights. Cases that can not use the lights you need to lower the screen brightness to low.

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