A man having Non-Stop Hiccups


Everyone is getting old, sick and that is not surprising. We can also say that this is nature. But the thing is that because of the technology advancement, doctors are able to cure many severe diseases. Are you having any illness now? Well, now I am going to show you one of the weird diseases that you have never met. Of it is very simple illness yet doctors cannot find any way to help. 25-year-old Christopher Sands has a non-stop hiccups and this is really disturbing and annoying. He can’t sleep, can’t work, can’t eat properly and has tried hundreds of remedies that just don’t work. His doctors have no idea why they started or how to stop them. This film follows Chris’s desperate story as he refuses to give in to his hiccups and goes on an exhaustive search to find a cure. if you know any way that can help, please leave your message in the comment box below.

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