104-Year-Old Grandma Yarn-Bombs Her Town


The great-grandmother Grace Brettthe is the oldest street artist in the world, She was born in 1910 and now is about 104 years old. Now she lives in a retirement woman in her home. Even if she is very old but she make her life without any free time. She knits and draws or yarn-bomb to keep herself busy. She make a lot of clothes for or her daughter Daphne and other 20 grand-children and grand-grand-children. She also made shawls and She yarn-bombed Selkirk for an arts festival call YES (Yarrow – Ettrick – Selkirk), which ended on the 19th.
She was very happy and thought that it was a good job in her old-age life especially she can look after all her or her daughter, grand-children and grand-grand-children and enjoy to see her work showing with everyone else
More info: yesartsfestival.co.uk | SWNS (h/t: mentalfloss, pressandjournal,boredpanda)