The Abandoned Giant Busts of Presidents Park

It was inspirational symbol and get millions of visitors go to visit there and to admire a piece of four US presidents and also many artists go to there and watch the granite face and head of US Presidents sculpted of Mount Rushmore in the Black hills of South Dakota. Sculptor, based in Houston, David Adickes is the first visit to Mount Rushmore in the early 90s.Amazing beautiful Landscape bedazzled him, but also let him down, because the head is so high and big, and can not be accessed. So I decided to build something that visitors can watchpeacefully and directly with the head of the president’s. See more at amusingplanet

Photo credit: Pablo Iglesias Maurer/DCist

Photo credit: abandonedearth/Instagram

Photo credit: abandonedearth/Instagram

Photo credit: abandonedearth/Instagram

Photo credit: abandonedearth/Instagram

Sources: Smithsonian / Independent


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