Beautiful Jelly Fish Lake In Palou

Jellyfish is a beautiful lake in Eil Mark island in Palou, in the sothen of palou, between Peliuand koro. There is about 30m deep ( at least 20m deep as an estimation of the deep of the lake) and the age of the lake is about 12 000 yeas olds.There are a lot of marine lakes, over 70 lakes located in this area. The lake is surrounded by rock walls and trees, it cause there is no water sources for this lake and temperature is a little variation because it’s in tropical area. All of these conditions make the lake having a lot of jellyfish , Over 13 million golden jellyfish live in this lake.
Why do they call this lake Jellyfish lake ? Because in this lake has two species of jellyfish, They are the moon jellyfish and the golden jellyfish. The moon jellyfish usually for many hours on the plankton about 5m below the surface of the water keep the swimmers unmoving to other place in the lake. They can make energy for themselves by converting sunlight into the sugar and with their host.
And about Golden jelly fish is a special kind of jellyfish in this lake. They are mostly related and similar to the spotted jelly fish but they are different from other jelly fish and are easily distinguished as the morphologically, physiologically, and behaviourally distinct. Golden jelly fish live in the tissues . They can also make their energy by capturing zooplankton with their stringing cell which located on their frilly oral arms.
Now a day Jelly Fish Lake become a beautiful tourist place in the world that has a lot of visitors go to visit there every days. More about this place visit at wikipedia

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