The bamboo house In Bali by Elora Hardy

The bamboo has known as a wild grass, it’s also round, long and hollow. The bamboo can make a lot of things to use in everyday living as souvenirs and the compression resistance of concrete. In addition, Elora Hardy (comes from Bali) had a fantastic idea, the bamboo house idea . She takes the bamboo house idea and runs it with her company. it sounds unbelieveable but it’s a success way to create luxury by the bamboo even if it has some weak point and can not be used for shelter to live . She and her company Ibuku have already built a lot of structures that make from an extremely sustainable material as Sharma villa, and the Green School including roofing, flooring , the skin of the house make by bamboo and bamboo nails.
At the presents all his building are so beautiful and become tourist place in Bali that the visitors go to visit there a lot.

More info: | Instagram (h/t: treehugger)






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