Beautiful Place In Cambodia, Koh Rong Island

Cambodia has a lot of islands. Most of islands are so beautiful as all amazing places in the world. One of nice islands, Koh Rong is an amazing island and a natured tourist place too. It look a new paradise of desert island. It locate in Koh Kong province and in the guile of Thailand, It’s about 25 kilometers distance from Sihanoukville to the island, 43 kilometers of beach and has an area of about 78 km2.
The visitors take a shot ride from Sihanoukville to the beach ( Koh Rong island). When you visit here you will want to laze a full day in the sunshine or swim in the cool green water, fishing in the sea or you can walk on the track into the green jungle and reach where you want in the island. You will find some home in four small villages at here. You can also taste a tasty khmer food and cheap cocktails .
If you get up early morning to watch the beach, you’re feel refreshing as living in an amazing paradise with all inside of the beach as many fishes, the beautiful jungle, the white sand in the long beach and the darkness light from the sky. The visitor will not forget what so that happen. More about Koh_Rong visit at Wikipedia





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